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Gift card shopping is now easier and more convenient than ever! The cards are available in any denomination from $10 - $500.

Gift cards are sent out by courier or may be picked up at the Pen Centre Customer Service desk with proper identification. We are happy to ship the cards directly to you, or to your selected recipient(s), if the card(s) value is under $150. For all orders over $150 regulations state that we must send the card(s) directly to you. There will be a $10 Processing Fee charged for each shipped order.

Effective July 3, 2012 there will also be an Administrative Fee of $1.50 charged for every Pen Centre Gift Card purchased. In our ongoing effort to support local organizations, the Pen Centre will donate 50 cents of each administrative fee to the Tender Wishes Foundation.

NOTE: Please allow 2 business days for processing.

Enter the quantity and denomination (amount) for each Gift Card you would like to order. If you are ordering more than three denominations, click ‘add more lines’. Click ‘next’ to continue placing your order.

For orders over $2,999.00 please contact the Pen Centre Administration Office at 905-682-8645.



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